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It’s time to feel as valuable as you are.

You’re a badass woman who has checked all the boxes.
Career? Slam dunk.
Home? Pinterest perfect.
Partner? Rock steady [or not].
And yet - something is still missing.
You know you should feel happy, but you just...don’t.
I swear there’s a way out.
How do I know?
I was just like you.

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My Gift to You:
Practical Self-Care for Busy Women

You can’t feed others if you’re starving.
You can’t kick ass if you’re burned out.
The strategies in this guide all take 5 minutes or less.
Simple. Effective. Fun.
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My Gift to You:
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You will receive daily self-care reminders to guide you back to yourself.
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Praise & Testimonials

I had such a wonderful feeling of self discovery. As a mother, it is not often that I get to take time to explore my own feelings with such focus. The class was insightful, well run and powerful. The space Margaret created was safe, open, structured and accepting.
Meg H
San Jose, CA
Margaret provided a safe space where sharing and vulnerability was encouraged. I am now more connected with my Core Desired feelings in a powerful way and it is impacting my life in a very positive way, as with a sense of purpose and clarity the road ahead is much clearer and also more joyful to travel.
Monica O
Palo Alto, CA
Margaret was an inspired facilitator with beautiful energy and enlightening contributions, creating a sacred and safe place for we ladies to truly open up and be our authentic selves. This allowed us to wholly explore that which we most want to feel in our lives.
Charlotte R
Palo Alto, CA